Toys from tubes

Because so often children enjoy the packaging more than the toys inside, Oscar Diaz has created a range of toys that actually incorporate the packaging.

It happens more often than not that children enjoy playing with packaging as much, if not more, as their actual toy.

In response to this weird but cute phenomenon, Oscar Diaz created a series of eco-friendly toys with the packaging as a key component of the toy.

Diaz's range of “Tube Toys” uses the packaging as an integral part of assembling toys.

Cars, fire engines, trains and tractors are contained in a standard cardboard tube, which doubles as the body of the toy. Each tube has pre-cut slots for the placement of wheels, axes and other pieces.

All materials used are either recycled or recyclable, in line with Diaz's commitment to sustainable design. The only bit that will be discarded after the toy has been built is a single strip of paper displaying information such as brand, logo, product name, description and barcode.

All "Tube Toys” are easy to assemble and reduce the vast amount of waste traditional packaging has on the environment. 

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