Tomorrow's sky

Mathieu Lehanneur's project "Tomorrow is another day" gives hospital patients a sense of hope through seeing the sky of the future.

Reflecting on what constitutes a discussion between people, Mathieu Lehanneur has designed a small installation that allows hospital patients to view the sky of tomorrow.

French designer Mathieu Lehanneur has developed a weather station video for patients in the Palliative Care Unit of Groupe Hospitalier Diaconesses Croix Saint-Simon in Paris. “Tomorrow is another day” is shaped like a plane or a ship’s window creating a vision that is both realistic and impressionistic. The window is able to adapt to various kinds of weather changes according to what the patient wants to see. From a pure blue sky to a grey rainy sky, the installation’s parameters vary according to the time of day, colour of the sky, speed and transparency of clouds, and humidity. 

"Tomorrow is another day” draws on spiritual notions and aims to lighten the dense atmosphere of the patient’s room and provide them with a sense of hope.

The notion of meteorology interests me for it is at the same time utterly quaint and potentially profound. I also like the fact of being one step ahead of death: I may not be here tomorrow but I know what tomorrow will look like, says Lehanneur. 

“Tomorrow is another day" is part of the Nouveaux Commaditaires projects supported by the Foundation of France, an initiative that enables individuals to express a desire that justifies the commission of a project due to its artistic value and general interest. 

Watch the Talk with Mathieu Lehanneur