Time block

Tom Dixon has designed his first watch. Called "Block", it is a simple, elegant and stylish creation that's more than just an object for keeping time.

Delving into uncharted waters, Tom Dixon has ventured into timepieces and designed his first watch.

Block Watch by Dixon is made with only the most minimal components. A square case is stamped from a flat block of pure stainless steel and plated with rose gold. The watch is simple, elegant and stylish, making it more than just an object for keeping time.

The dial is deep-etched and encased in a crystal face to protect it from scratches and knocks in everyday wear. Each watch is laser-etched with its own unique number, making it authentic and one-of-a-kind.

The designer watch makes use of a Ronda Swiss mechanism ensuring a long-lasting and high-quality creation. It is also available in Stainless Steel and Brass Leather editions. 

The Block Watch is the latest addition in Dixon's Eclectic collection. 

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