Three-minute focus

How much creativity, innovation and “wowness” can you experience in three minutes? Find out at the Miniplex at Design Indaba Expo.

There will be a great deal to see and do at Design Indaba Expo in Cape Town. That’s guaranteed.

But it’s highly recommended that you take a couple of minutes, just three, in fact, to visit the Miniplex on the Expo floor.

The Miniplex will be screening some 30 short documentary films, each just three minutes long, throughout the Expo days.

Medical breakthroughs, social media, sustainable design and music are just some of the topics explored these three-minute doccies.

From a group of Swedish entrepreneurs to a 14-year-old boy, a Brazilian women’s rights activist and a businessman from Singapore, the range of people highlighted are as diverse and intriguing as the topics of the documentaries.

“Short films, big ideas” is the concept behind the 30 GE Focus Forward short films, dedicated to the improvement of lives, which will showcase progressive and forward-thinking creative entertainment on the Expo floor for the duration of the event.

The creativity and inspiration behind the world-changing ideas introduced into the films include: Heart Stop Beating, which looks at how a human being can survive without a heartbeat and pulse; You Don’t Know Jack, a 14-year-old boy who discovered a new way to attack Pancreas cancer; The Bionic Eye, a scientifically developed digital chip that restores the vision of blind patients; and Fire with Fire, which looks at using engineered HIV cells to attack cancer cells in order to heal and cure patients. 

Other must-see short films include The Secret of Trees, about a boy who looked at using the structure of an oak tree to capture solar energy throughout an entire day; Solar Roadways, about a couple in America who plan to integrate solar panels onto roads to collect a mass of energy; Good Bread, about a bakery that employs ex-gang members; and Techistan, about a man who introduces Islamic schools to the power of technology and social media.

Screened through the duration of the Expo, be sure to dedicate some time for eye-opening creative inspiration and world-changing ideas and initiatives.