This talking robot could be the future of smartphones

Japanese tech company Sharp have designed a 19 centimetre talking, dancing, waving smartphone-robot.

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A smartphone that can walk, wave, sing, and even dance could be available as early as next year. Smartphones have become the staple accessory of the modern world, and now Sharp in Japan have taken the concept a step further with RoBoHoN – a walking, talking smartphone like no other.

At just over 19 centimetres, weighing about 390 grams, with arms, legs and an adorable smile, the RoBoHoN becomes a robotic companion rather than a rectangular hand extension.

It's "a phone in human shape, a phone that you feel like talking to, a phone that also wants to know you," says Sharp. "To hear what you hear, to see what you see, to share the same dreams.”

The system runs on a version of Android but is like no Android we’ve seen before. It uses its cameras to perform facial recognition, it’s equipped with voice recognition, and there's a two-inch QVGA screen built into its back which allows the user to perform normal smartphone functions like downloading applications, sending emails, and sending texts.

RoBoHoN also comes with its own mini theatre. Its projector allows the user to project pictures, video, or a movie on to any surface area. It plays music, games, dances, and takes pictures on command.

The not-so-small smartphone bot is set to go on sale in the second half of 2016. 

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