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The One Laptop Per Child initiative have just launched the XO-3 tablet, with the vision to distribute it to children in developing nations.

The “XO-3” tablet has just been unveiled. The latest project by fuseproject’s One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) non-profit initiative, the XO-3 has been designed for worldwide distribution as part of the organisation’s aim to distribute low-cost, low-power laptops to children in developing nations.

The XO-3 runs Linux but it gives users the option to run other Linux and Android interfaces. The tablet comes with USB ports, headphone and microphone jacks, as well as front and rear-facing cameras.

A silicone cover in bright colours works to add an element of fun, while also working to protect the device. A 4-watt solar panel and battery pack case prototype in currently in development. For now the XO-3 can be charged through an electrical outlet or with a hand-cranked charger.

OLPC preloads the tablet with saved Wikipedia content with makes it possible for users in areas without internet connectivity to still access useful information.

Users such as governments and organisations will have the option to choose a battery, screen and software from a range of options.

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