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Bathrooms are often the most uninspired space in a home. Luckily the Bouroullec Brothers are coming to our rescue. Now also in Jozi.

Update 28/8/2011: The Axor Bouroullec collection launches in Johannesburg. Bouroullec Brothers, Ronan and  Erwan, present “Feel free to compose”, their bathroom collection that started with the question: “How can we give end-users the maximum freedom to create their own custom bathrooms?”

The Bouroullec Brothers, together with Axor brand manager Philippe Grohe will be presenting the collection a the Turbine Hall in Newtown on 6 September 2011.

The Axor Bouroullec collection

It's hard to be creative in a space where the essential items are immovable and mostly standardised. A bathroom is such a key part of any home and most people's daily cleansing ritual, that bathrooms should probably have a lot more flair and character than they usually do.

French design siblings Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec probably thought along similar lines and have intervened with a bathroom collection for German brand Axor. Called "Axor Bouroullec" the collection consists of 85 individual pieces, which includes everything from showers to basins, taps and bathtubs. All these items can be arranged and combined in different ways to add a personalised touch to the bathroom.

The pieces are all superbly functional without compromising their aesthetic appeal. A clean and sleek look makes it ideal for any modern bathroom. And the good news is that it's coming to South Africa. Watch this space.

Watch the Talk with Bouroullec Brothers

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