Sparse seating

Studio Tjep's Recesssion Chair Bronze comments on current and looming economic issues in the world, and can be seen at Design Miami/.

Studio Tjep’s Recession Chair Bronze is being presented by Gallery VIVID at Design Miami/ 2012, which runs until 9 December 2012.

Recession Chair Bronze features alongside iconic pieces by Gerrit Rietveld, the famous Dutch furniture designer and architect.

Frank Tjepkema says about the design: "Receding is the act of withdrawing and diminishing. We were interested in exploring the visual impact of receding in relation to a design object. We took a popular mass produced chair and started sanding it to the finest possible version. The result is a process where the chair goes from normal, to diminished, to skeleton like. The resulting object looks as if it won’t withstand the weight of the person it's supporting, yet the bronze casting provides the necessary strength for it to serve as a functional object." 

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Watch the Talk with Frank Tjepkema

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