Frank Tjepkema on designing negatives into positives

Frank Tjepkema jokes that every designer’s portfolio includes a vase, but he believes design should also facilitate positive social change.

Dutch designer Frank Tjepkema, as a product designer, has designed a number of vases, lamps, jewellery collections and furniture. While his designs have earned him a number of awards, he instead talks about the function of design and ways in which it integrates and communicates with its subjects.

My designs are sometimes about finding ways of changing the negative into something positive... Decoration can become destructive, but destruction can also be beautiful.

He also talks about the effects of layering designs, both physically and socially, and making projects both self-sufficient and fun. 

By using different layers, Frank Tjepkema takes the anonymity out of a building. For Tjepkema, self-determination is an important consideration for keeping design human, and giving it soul.

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