South African designer Haldane Martin launches new furniture range

Established South African furniture and interior designer Haldane Martin launches a new range inspired by his country's coastline.

Haldane Martin, one of South Africa’s most prominent furniture designers, launched a new range of items in October 2015. The spherical shapes of boulders along the Cape’s coastline inspire the pieces, which include the Pebble Sofa and Pebble Coffee Table. 

Perhaps it is nostalgia that infuses the furniture’s form. Perhaps – as his website suggests – it is recent trips to the beaches with his young family. Whatever the inspiration, the smoothness of the weather-worn rocks is carried into the organic shape of Martin’s latest collection. 

The Pebble Sofa, Pebble Coffee Table and Source Barstool are crafted exclusively by Cape Town-based manufacturers Leon at CCXIX. The Pebble range can be upholstered in a vaiety of colours and fabrics.

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