Soft Pots by Lisa Firer

The Cape Town-based ceramicist's latest range experiments with retaining the softness of wet clay.

Lisa Firer’s latest collection, Soft Pots, is a study on retaining the aesthetic of soft wet clay, even after the vessels have been transformed into rigid forms by firing. These new pots are an expansion of experimental work by Firer, recreated on a larger scale.

The porcelain has been draped and lightly joined, giving the impression of supple fabric. Textiles even inspired the surfaces themselves. The textures and colours pay homage to traditional indigo dyed fabric, and were inspired by a collaboration with Sam Lurie and Peter Gordon of interior design consultancy Archipelago Collective, formerly Sprout Design.

Both the organic forms and freely painted patterns give the vessels a “quirky uniqueness”. Each handmade vessel is unique, and the indigo coloration is not featured elsewhere in the Cape Town ceramicist’s current collections, marking an experimental new direction. 

Working from their studio in Woodstock, Cape Town, Firer’s two employees, Rebecca Khusu and Hilda Njokwana, are responsible for executing her designs and also introduce their own variations.

Firer’s Soft Pots are available online and at Imagenius, Cape Town.