Lisa Firer Design

Lisa Firer Design is a Cape Town-based ceramicist.

Lisa Firer Design works with quirky uniqueness, organic forms and magic of translucency that hand built porcelain develops through the making and firing process. Hand-rolled, hand-embossed and imprinted slabs of porcelain are used to create various ranges of tea-light holders, electric pendant lights, vases and vessels.

lisa firer design is a small team committed to the hand-made craft object, creating our own ongoing collections and bespoke pieces and projects for clients. Each piece is unique and the mark, energy and love of the maker is transferred into the work, especially through the tactility of clay. We are proud to contribute to the vibrant design and craft sector in South Africa and currently work from a studio in Woodstock, Cape Town.

Lisa Firer Design was born in 2009 when ceramic artist Lisa Firer employed Rebecca Khusu and Hilda Njokwana as studio assistants. From helpers to crafters in their own right, they execute Lisa’s designs and explore their own variations.

1996 marked Lisa’s move to full-time ceramic artist in Cape Town hand-making unique ceramics, initially from low-fired terracotta and from 2001, using porcelain clay. As an artist, Lisa has exhibited work on over 50 exhibitions locally and internationally. In her ceramic design work she references fabric, texture, patchwork and the process of sewing; printmaking and paper, light and layering.