Reality check

Dunne & Raby imagine and speculate about a deconstructed future where teleportation to parallel worlds is possible.

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Between Reality and the Impossible is the title of Dunne & Raby’s installation for the 2010 Saint Etienne International Design Biennale in France, which runs until 5 December.

The installation asks questions about what the consequences would be if design was detached from the marketplace and used instead to ask questions, to entertain and to provoke. What would happen if design could be employed to transport our imaginations into parallel worlds?

By focusing on interactions between people and technology on various levels, Dunne & Raby are able to analyse the social, cultural and ethical consequences of living within an increasingly technologically mediated society.

Highlighting that the exhibition is not about predictions but about speculating and imagining, it aims to promote a reflection on a technologically mediated world. The exhibition comprises various design proposals that use models, photographic scenarios, videos and 3D texts.

The underlying theme of the biennale is “teleportation”, which encourages designers to consider “extreme vision of our society, a kind of ideal - or not - which one may strive towards in order to resolve the various issues that confront us”.

Dunne & Raby's Foragers series, first conceptualised for Design Indaba's Protofarm 2050 project, is also included in the exhibition. Watch the video here.

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