Product spotlight: Liz Chandelier

Luxe be a lady: Egg Design's new chandelier collection is big on glamour and smart to boot.

The Liz chandelier collection by Egg Design, launched as part of First Editions at this year’s Design Indaba Expo, is a luxurious statement light that can be customised by the consumer.

Liz is a lady with both good looks and an intelligent mind. The design is modular: a system of pieces that hook on to each other allows the length of each element to vary. The round links form long strands that drape downwards in tiered sections. It has the drama of a high-impact light feature but, unlike the traditional crystal chandelier that has a precious “don’t-touch-me” aesthetic, Liz requires the consumer’s involvement

“Its technically endless what can be done,” says Greg Dry, who heads Egg with wife Roche. “We have three shapes for now – oval, rectangle and square, but we’re going to develop more permutations.”

The chandelier can also be made in various materials, including brass, acrylic and powder-coated steel in different colours. All of the designs, except the Spider model (which uses long oval-shaped pieces), are available with or without crystals. 

Greg and Roche are currently industrialising the design using an injection-moulding process and will be taking it to the international market soon. “It’s a different chandelier to what exists in the market,” says Greg. “We believe it will be a natural fit overseas.”

“We’re designing it in a knock-down format and the rings are self-assembly, which makes it smaller and cheaper to transport,” he adds.