Pressing buttons

A new identity for a division of a Russian bank seeks to make the financial service friendlier and more streamlined. Michael Wolff headed up the process.

“Hello Boris. How are you today?” is one of the ways a new division of Russia’s Life Bank is greeting their clients, thanks to its new identity.  

The bank’s new “Knopka” service, aims to streamline banking for entrepreneurs.

Michael Wolff headed up a team of designers and creatives in developing the branding for Knopka. The creative team included NB Studio, Daljit Singh, Ustwo and St Lukes, with additional contributions from illustrator Jean Julien and writer Tom Lynham.

The identity for Knopka had to capture the essence of what the services stands for, which is that of both personal and business banking, a lawyer, accountant and personal assistant.

The challenge then was to create an identity that would reflect the brand’s essence in the look, sound and feel, while constantly engaging and inspiring the target market – the business leaders of tomorrow.

Translated as “button”, the Knopka identity is starting small but is visible in everything the brand does. The little girl that features in the branding is also called Knopka (she was created by Julien) and she’s asking the questions about banking that people often think, like “why can’t it be fun?”.

The girl Knopka will feature throughout the brand touchpoints. For the moment the service will be online only, though there are plans to develop in further into physical spaces. 

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