Pick-up truck bicycle

fuseproject's LOCAL bike is the ideal way to commute around your neighbourhood and there's lots of space for your groceries, kids and more.

The LOCAL bicycle is fuseproject’s carbon-neutral answer to the practical pick-up truck.

It prioritises utility and function making it the ideal mode of transport to use in the city and around your neighbourhood.

fuseproject collaborated with bike builder Sycip to create the LOCAL.

The LOCAL makes provision for all the stuff that people have to cart around with them on a daily basis. The sturdy, flexible front platform is the ideal space to store your groceries, surfboard, lumber or even a small child.

More than a commuter bicycle that gets you from A to B, LOCAL is said to be a real workhorse that can be used for nearly anything.

Cargo bikes tend to be very large and heavy, thus fuseproject made sure that the LOCAL addressed this issue and made it suitable for use in daily life.

fuseproject solved for load placement, steering option and ways of securing all the cargo. Special features on the LOCAL include locking, lighting, bags and music played through fuseproject’s wireless Jambox speaker. The LOCAL comes with 11 gears with front and rear hydraulic disk brakes.

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