Of one mind

Mind-Sets, a solo exhibition by Ineke Hans, is a look at what happens when a designer sets her mind to it.

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Mind-Sets is the solo exhibition of Ineke Hans, which will be at the Aram Gallery in London from 18 September to 30 October 2010, and run during the London Design Festival.

Hans collaborated with Walter Bettens, editor of DAMn* Magazine, for Mind-Sets. A publication of the same name will also be launched.

Both the book and the exhibition is about Hans’s thoughts, motives and fascination with design. It’s a journey into her thought-processes and provides some unique insights into how she makes sense of reality.

The exhibition will also feature some of her works and collection from the Museum of Modern Art Arnhem, and the Dutch Open Air Museum.

Mind-Sets reflets Hans’s interest in materials and techniques, common sense, folklore, colour and decoration. Her latest work for Offecct will also be on show.

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