Office/Zoo at Milan2011

My First Office and My Zoo are two designs by Martí Guixé for the Magis Me Too collection.

A library, an office, a CEO unit, a personal university or even a spaceship. These are just some of the possibilities for Martí Guixé’s My First Office for Magis.

Seen at the Milan Furniture Fair recently, My First Offfice can be filled with “books, objects, knowledge and of course culture”.

Guixé’s My Zoo, also for Magis, is a collection of animals made in white cardboard. The various pieces need to be folded and assembled to create the animals in the zoo.

Once the figures have been assembled they can be coloured in pastels, wax, tempera or water colours. Guixé says: “All animals are good, they do not bite, they do not weigh (too much) and moreover they can be recycled as they are made of cardboard.”

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