Mushroom mania

Ineke Hans gets playful with her latest glassware collection for Czech brand Křehký.

Ineke Hans’s latest collection of glassware is an Alice-in-Wonderland conversation starter rather than a series of functional objects.

The Dutch designer recently collaborated with Czech brand Křehký to design a collection of quirky glassware titled "Pilszen". Inspired by the Czech tradition of picking mushrooms in autumn, the collection includes a bowl and sculptures depicting mushrooms in varying shapes and sizes in bold green and yellow glass.

"The project was great fun to work on, since it allowed me to experiment and be playful," says Hans.

Each of the pieces was made using the glassblowing technique in a studio in the town of Nový Bor, the Czech centre for glassblowing, resulting in one-of-a-kind objects.

The traditional craft presented the designer with new challenges. "I have worked with glass a few times but for me it continues to be a very tricky material. You have to prepare very well and be certain abut colour combinations, as the colours are hardly visible in the process and only come to light once the glass has cooled down,” explains Hans.

"Pilszen" was unveiled in an installation at Art House during the 2014 Designblok in Prague.  

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