Muji launches three tiny, prefab houses

In what sounds like a prefab fairytale, Muji launches three little houses – one made of cork, one of aluminium and one built out of wood.

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Japanese retailer Muji, known for its minimalist and refined aesthetic, has launched three prefab tiny houses, which imagine an escape from the business of city life. Working in collaboration with three prestigious designers – Jasper Morrison, Naoto Fukasawa and Konstantin Grcic – Muji displayed the three houses as part of this year’s Tokyo Design Week. 

The three miniature residences compliment Muji’s design philosophies, which include a complete lack of branding and a sense that simplicity is more appealing than luxury.

"Whenever I think about going to the country for the weekend, I start imagining a small house with everything needed for a short stay: a place to cook, a place to eat, a place to wash, and a place to sleep," said Morrison.

Jasper Morrison’s dwelling is made of cork, Konstantin Grcic’s is made of aluminium and Naoto Fukusawa’s tiny house is made of wood. These micro-homes make up MUJI Hut and are designed to put the resident instantly at ease. Each contains only the necessities for a perfect escape: a space to sleep, to cook and to relax – putting emphasis back on the natural environment in which they are created to stand. 

Muji's prefab homes are set to go on sale in Japan in 2016. 

Images courtesy of MUJI Hut.

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