Modular makings

The Clik Lamp and Treze Library bookshelf by Katarq encourages the user to interact with the products by easily assembling it.

From the Series

Katarq, the multidisciplinary studio of Barcelona-based architect and product designer Jordi López Aguiló presents the Clik Light and Treze Library.

The Clik light is a simple table lamp that takes it shape by bending the flat surface into shape by the user.

Working well alongside the Clik light is the Treze Library bookshelf kit system. Viewed from the front, the bookshelf looks like a straight reticular plan. When viewed from the side the bookshelf appears to have different depths, creating something of a visual game where shadows and depth play together to create a unique look.

Treze Library is made with 13 straight, connected elements with the assembly system designed to make the sides stronger so that the inner frames can be thinner.

The modular nature of this bookshelf means that there are no screws needed to put it together.

Each of Katarq’s pieces results from a methodical process in which formal research and testing plays a very important role.

Another important feature of Katarq’s work is the interest in creating objects that interact with the users, while also looking to the possibility of using recycled materials in various in various applications.