Modern craft winery

Haldane Martin crafts contemporary classics for one of South Africa’s most famous wine brands.

Haldane Martin takes inspiration from Johannes Brahms' quote “without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind” for the design of a stylish range of wine merchandising units for restaurants and bars, as well as retail outlets.  

Renowned South African industrial and interior designer Martin was recently commissioned by one of the country’s wine brands Zonnebloem to design a wine-serving table, wine tasting table and wine merchandising stand. The new designs had to exude the wine brand’s new tagline, “crafting contemporary classics”.

Martin’s first design is a sleek, multifunctional dark, cork-topped table that also functions as an ice bucket stand. The table top can be used to hold a bottle, a decanter and a glass of wine, while the legs have been configured to support an ice bucket.

He has also created two free-standing display units for wine shops made from dark, distinctive cork and brass. 

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