Material girls: We look at two local textile designers

Megan Smith and Luhandra Vorstman live on opposite sides of South Africa but share a similar approach to textile design and production.

From the curtains in our homes to clothes we wear, textiles are a permanent feature in the lives of every consumer – so why shouldn’t they be beautiful? For designers Megan Smith and Luhandra Vorstman, textiles can and should be among the most beautiful aspects of our daily lives.

Hailing from Cape Town and Durban respectively, Smith and Vorstman share a similar vision when it comes to the versatility, functionality and beauty of textiles. Both designers print their creations onto textiles that aim to beautify spaces. These include sofa covers, iPad pouches, tote bags and pillow casings.

For Vorstman, the key is to make beautiful pieces available to the public, not just the wealthy. Elle Kay Fabrics, the studio she founded in 2014, is home to 18 of her original and accessible designs.

Smith’s business, Cloth And Print, focuses on variety. Her collection includes scatter-cushions, tote bags and iPad covers.

Both these 2016 Emerging Creatives rely on their academic background in textile design and years of experience in the industry. Using the screen-printing technique, they are able to create colourful, lasting prints.

The two are also known for their use of locally sourced natural linen in a variety of the products they create. By doing this, they are able to support local suppliers and manufacturers.

Megan Smith. Cloth And Print

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