Lullaby pendant lamp by Monica Förster

The Swedish designer's harmonious angular light was inspired by the work of Isamu Noguchi.

The Lullaby pendant lamp by Swedish designer Monica Förster seems to exude light whether switched on or off. With its faceted sides divided into smooth plains, the lamp’s simple geometric form is gentle rather than harshly angular.

The light, designed for Danish lighting company Lightyears, was launched at Design Junction at the 2014 London Design Festival.

Lullaby is made of stone paper, a mineral-rich layer bonded to a thin sheet of plastic, similar in texture to an eggshell. This material allows for an organic surface with an incredible propensity for illumination, offering a soft, even light.

The form of the lamp was inspired by the work of Japanese American designer and sculptor Isamu Noguchi. Förster studied his work at the Noguchi Museum in New York City, and looked to emulate his harmonic shapes, as well as the lightness and warmth of his designs.

She was also inspired to capture the dreaminess and imagination of childhood, she says. “There is a weird kind of mix in most of my projects, partly coming from the Scandinavian language of form,” says Förster. “The lamp’s final form is definitely a mix between my Scandinavian heritage and Asian influence.”

Somewhat unusually, Förster conceptualises her work by creating three-dimensional paper models. “We use them as a sketch tool,” she explains. Her hands-on, experimental approach leaves room for the unexpected.

“We also include mistakes that happen into the CAD (if they’re considered good). Everything is a toolbox for us – a mix of paper, sellotape, and 3D printers… an organic process built on an idea that has a journey of its own.”

Förster, twice named Swedish Designer of the Year, has run her own furniture and product design studio, Monica Förster Designs, since 1999 and has worked with brands such as Alessi, Cappellini, Poltrona Frau, Volvo and Whirlpool. Her goal with the Lullaby lamp was to create “a beautiful object that looks good both with the light turned on and off”.