Looking swell

An iPad case by Swell accessories with a bamboo and leather look is rather... well, swell.

Durban-based designers Swell Accessories are putting the love Apple and all things “i”.

They’ve created a range of customised accessories for Apple products, including the iPad2 and the iPhone4.

The Swell Bookcases for iPad2 is a hardcover book casing-like cover for the tablet computer. The cover has a sculptured bamboo tray on the inside, while the design has taken the device’s various features into consideration, like allowing easy access to the volume rocker, the orientation/mute switch, the lock button and the headphone jack.

Magnets in the tray of the Swell Bookcases work to hold the iPad in place. The case closes with a magnetic catch that covered in genuine leather.

All Swell Bookcases are black on the outside with a choice of colours, including black, red, navy, burgundy, apple green and bright blue for the inside.

Swell Accessories will be exhibiting at Design Indaba Expo 2012.