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KiBiSi's new "Roulade" sofa sees the classic Chesterfield couch meeting a cosy new mattress.

Mattress meets chair meets couch in the new Roulade couch/mattress by KiBiSi.

Taking its name from the Swiss Roll pastry, generations and genres meet in this contemporary sofa, made by KiBiSi and design company Versus.

This Chesterfield-like furniture piece joins the iconic Brick Sofa family as a design with a “humorous character” and “cozy and comfortable expression”.

The Roulade is made from high-density foam that has been cut into fixed shapes that resemble a rolled up mattress. High quality materials in the form of Kvadrat fabrics have been used for the upholstery, ensuring a high level of comfort while also legislating for durability.

In KiBiSi’s own words the Roulade is “bespoke, [with] oversized buttons [that] modernise the old school Chesterfield expression”.

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