Japanese artist repurposes broken skateboards to create sculptures

Haroshi tried to make every piece unique, like putting an iPod inside an apple sculpture.

Sculpture by Haroshi

Haroshi is an artist who makes sculptures out of recycled secondhand skateboards. The former skateboarder started working on his technique in 2004. The wooden pieces HUF x Haroshi Vinyl Middle Finger being some of his most popular works.

Middle finger Haroshi

A self proclaimed hoarder, Haroshi once had a pile of his own old skateboards lying around till it got out of hand. He began to create larger sculptures with the abandoned boards.

Haroshi is famous for the way he manipulates recycled wood. His distinctive craft process resembles the ancient technique used to sculpt Japanese Great Buddhas. Before carving the skateboards, he first makes a prototype out of clay. Then he goes to town on the assortment of salvaged skateboard decks by cutting and crafting them to make the sculptures.

One of his friends owns a skate shop, so when customers come in to buy new skateboard decks, they leave the old ones behind. Haroshi comes in to collect them all. 

Japanese sculptor Haroshi

Most of the time Haroshi puts bolts and kingpins from old skateboards inside every piece. This is a part of his desire to create a story and add soul to his work. He does this by putting something unique inside. When he made an apple sculpture, he put an ipod inside. 

Haroshi Horse sculpture