Indian musician creates a foldable wooden tie

A retired musician in West Bengal, India created this artisanal, folding wooden tie.

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Bengali musician Kuber Sircar designed this folding wooden tie to pass the time in his retirement. Born in 1933 in Bangladesh to musical parents, Sircar started playing instruments at a young age and spent much of his adult life as a musician in the Bengali music circles.

His success, he believes, is more down to his patience than his talent, and since retiring in 1994 Sircar has filled his room with intricate wooden sculptures. The foldable tie is one of these.

An entire tie is cut from a single piece of polished wood, and each unique design is precisely cut into the surface with custom tools that Sircar made for himself. Once the design is done, the tie is cut into segments and connected with pivot pins to give the finished product its ability to move. 

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