Icon's underwear line tackles incontinence in women

Icon's new underwear line seeks to help women who suffer from light incontinence after childbirth.

Incontinence in women is not a topic easily discussed in public spaces despite the fact that one in three women suffers from light bladder leaks. As part of a plan to demystify issues associated with the female body, THINX, a women’s menstrual underwear company created Icon’s “pee-proof” underwear.

Speaking to the media, Kejal Macdonald, VP of Marketing at THINX said the idea to create the underwear line came after it was found that women experience a significant amount of anxiety as a result of urinary incontinence. “Our goal is to alleviate the anxiety of embarrassing leaks and giving them a functional solution that looks and feels like a regular pair of underwear.”

The underwear is designed with the composition of urine in mind. While other brands expand as they absorb liquid, Icon’s underwear stays thin and can hold up to five teaspoons of liquid. The inner lining also boasts an anti-odour and anti-microbial treatment.

For every pair of Icon underwear sold, THINX donates to the Fistula foundation, which helps women who suffer from permanent incontinence in the developing world.  

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