Green Product: Concept Planiture is a miniature urban farm

Concept Planiture by Berlin-based designer Marlen Häselbarth encourages interactions between the user and nature in the urban environment.

From the Series

Concept Planiture by Marlen Häselbarth is a design project that brings together plants and furniture. The idea is to create an urban farming concept that creates interactions between humans and plants. A relationship is created between the urban user and natural world. 

There are three different objects that form Concept Planiture. Each is playful and elegantly designed. The first, NUDGE, is a salad plate with a planted, living herb on one end. With the plant located so close to the food, the user is encouraged to think about the origins of what is on the end of their fork. The second, GAMIFICATION, has motivation-enhancing game elements that give progress feedback, challenges and rewards. And finally the third, ZWANG, puts the user in a serving role – where the object will only be in balance when the plant has been given water.  

Concept Planiture is was one of the pre-selected Green Product Awards nominees, and was presented to a live audience at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in mid-February 2016.