Feisty red heads

Rooikop, with their gorgeous upcycled bags, is a creative redhead to be reckoned with.

Funky, sustainable, community-orientated and 100% local, that’s Jo’burg-based Rooikop for you.

Rooikop (literally "redhead") is an eco design company creating a range of quirky fashion accessories and interior products using upcycled plastic material.

Using plastic that they save from various landfills, Rooikop cleans, manipulates and adds plush padding to create bags that are gorgeously crafted, as well as “super-greeny-beany”.

Rooikop who describe their creative vision as “an active mandate to do our part in saving the planet”, was started in 2009 when the fiery redhead Zoe Willems has a an energy-saving light bulb moment.

Giving plastic a second chance to shine, Rooikop’s designs stand out among the blondes and the brunettes.

All parts of Rooikop’s creations are made from recycled materials, with the internal padding in the bags made with kitchen-industry waste. They also use their waste and cut-offs in other projects.

Extending their belief of  “good for goodness sake”, Rooikop works with local communities in Orienthills and Magaliesburg  to empower people by teaching them the skills needed to make Rooikop’s designs.