Endless strings

Dirk van der Kooij has extended his Endless range of furniture to a saloon table and rocking chair. They're still made with recycled plastic from fridges.

With his Endless range of chairs, Dirk van der Kooij found a way to recycle the plastic of discarded refrigerators for using in the chairs.

Van der Kooij’s latest series, the Endles Flow, presents the “Endless Saloon Table and the “Rocking Chair”. For this chair and table, Van der Kooij used the same techniques and material process as he did for the original Endless series.

The Endless work are created by melting the plastic from discarded refrigerators. A continuous flow of liquid plastic then works, with the help of a robot, to create a layered furniture collection.

A CNC extruder robotic arm works to create a precise furniture piece by pouring out a single smooth string of plastic.

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