Dutch children could soon be riding wind turbines

Extreme eco-thrills are within reach of Dutch locals at a wind turbine amusement park where guests will go on rides that incorporate wind turbines.
Qurrent sheer drop
Artist impression of a proposed ride

Dutch company Qurrent, leaders in wind farming, have taken a bold (if not somewhat crazy) step by proposing an educational, self-sustaining wind turbine eco-amusement park. It gets even better though, as they are aiming to incorporate the wind turbines into the rides as well as the power systems.

Rides will include a water slide from the top of a turbine, a fast swinging ride on the blades of a turbine, a roller coaster ride whirling around the stem and a drop tower where brave guests will descend 95 metres in 1.5 seconds.

Richard Klatten, CEO of Qurrent said in a recent online interview that: “Within ten years from now, wind energy will be ubiquitous. We strive to be ahead of things, and shape the future of renewable energy. Creating an environment where people can experience clean energy in a fun and educational way could be one of those. And hey - how neat would it be to tell your friends you took a ride on an actual wind turbine?”