Divided by two

The Diviso stool works for small bums and big ones. It's great for one person but works equally well with three...

Exploring the relationship between manufacturing awareness and an aesthetic statement, the Diviso stool is the embodiment of both form and function.

Developed by South African-born designer Neil Macqueen, the Diviso stool for UnoFuori Studio is also an interpretation of the studio’s approach to clean and effective design with market and manufacturing feasibility.

Macqueen set out to create a piece of furniture that flowed and changed along with the user’s perspective of the product. It was also important for the stool to be easy and cost-effective to make.

The Diviso stool consists of a single shape with the defining features being the missing parts. Macqueen explains that the “negative space created inside the Diviso stool plays with light and perspective, creating a seaming complexity through the repetition of the single simplistic form”.

Applying the principle of repetition opens the stool to multiple forms, it can extend or contract is size, depending on the number of profiles used.

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