A dinnerware set inspired by the Czech Cubism

Designed by Svetlana Koženová, the Lilia Collection is a dinnerware set inspired by the slicing planes and crystalline shapes of Czech cubism.

The Lilia Collection designed by Svetlana Koženová for Lauriger, a manufacturing company specialising in Czech cubism-inspired tableware and accessories, is a dinnerware set that channels the sharp points and geometric shapes of Czech cubism.

The pieces are manufactured in a small factory in the Czech town of Dubi, a place that has specialised in porcelain for over 300 years. Koženová created the angular pieces in the Lilia Collection using a 3D printed mould. This entirely white collection blends traditional craftsmanship and modern technology to achieve unique contemporary dinnerware.

The architectural lines in the collection clearly reference Koženová’s training in architecture: “As a trained architect, architecture is clearly a big inspiration in my life. Czech Cubism is the obvious manifestation of that,” she says.

The Lilia Collection offers a series of products including plates, teapots, cups, serving bowls and liquor vessels. 

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