Desk job at Milan2011

ECAL students designed a new range of desk and office objects for Alessi, which was presented at the Milan Furniture Fair.

Looking to working environments as friendly and welcoming, second-year industrial design students at the ECAL University of Art and Design in Switzerland designed a range of desk and office objects for Alessi.

These objects were designed to bring joy to their users and were presented at the Milan Furniture Fair last week. Elric Petit directed the workshop from which these gadgets flowed. At the outset of the project Alberto Alessi also explained the formula by which all Alessi products are designed. This formula involves combining the emotional elements of a design with functionality, communication, price and the industrial technology of a design.

For more than 20 years Alessi has been doing joint projects with design schools and universities. Alberto Alessi says: “These are moments of great exchange where we try to offer the benefits of decades of experience, receiving new energies and innovative interpretations of the material world in return.”

This series of office and desk products are not connected by form, but rather by overall design harmony.

Watch the Talk with Alberto Alessi