Day two in pictures and quotes

Brand gurus, Senegalese collaborators, the godfather of food trucks and the matriarch of Italian design was the order of this day at Design Indaba.
Robbie Brozin: "You need creativity, ingenuity and energy to tackle problems."
Selly Raby Kane: "We have a new way of seeing and making fashion in Senegal."
Omar Victor Diop: "One thing I’ve learnt is the work is so much better if you are having fun – no matter how serious the issue is..."
Santiago Cirugeda: "We don't wait for politicians to tell us what to build. If they say no, we do it."
Shubhankar Ray: "We live in an attention economy. A brand's got to stand for something in the 21st century."
Roy Choi: "Food is a gateway to communicate on a deeper level."
Dominic Wilcox: "Making stuff is easier than you think."
Stefano Giovannoni: "There is no good or bad design – design is an expression of culture."
Rosita Missoni: "The difference between fashion and home is that designs for the home are meant to last."

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