Dancing squares

Nendo has added an interesting variety of products and effects to their "Dancing Squares" collection.

Last week we announced that Japanese design studio Nendo will be exhibiting their “Dancing Squares” collection at the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute.

And they’ve just added new pieces to this collection. Nendo assembled square planes to add a sense of motion to this series of objects. A part of the “Dancing Squares” bookshelf is frozen in a tumbling cascade, resulting in alternative ways for the books to be stacked.

The lamps in this series are able to “roll” about while remaining stable, thanks to the planes that secure them. The table too “leans as though failing away”, Nendo explains. While still functioning as a table, the effect is created of objects sinking into the folds of the table.

"Dancing Squares" is a play between balance and unbalance, and different movements, as though one is watching the planes themselves dance.

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