Maarten Baas’s The Curiosities of a Designer exhibition in Paris looks to the surreal and ways of story telling in design.

Imagine a universe inspired by the curiosity cabinets of the 14th century, imagine the curious realities they would reveal.

In his The Curiosities of a Designer exhibition Maarten Baas looks to these curiosity cabinets to turn preconceived design ideas on their head. He also forges his own universe, pushing the limits of design to create a new, curious reality.

Taking place the at Les Musée des Arts Décoratifs at the Louvre museum in Paris until 12 February 2012, the exhibition sees Baas taking a theatrical approach to design.

Baas created four rooms that are like the décor for a movie or a theatre play, rather than merely a presentation of design pieces. Baas’s designs are mixed with with anonymous pieces and become characters in the narratives that seem to be told by the created settings.