Crystal containers

With "Containers II" Studio Job transformed old crystal vessels into a coffee pot, a waste basket and a saucepan.

In 2010 Studio Job worked with the Belgian crystal producer Val Saint Lambert on the “Piece for Peace” project, creating a unique showpiece for the European Council in Brussels.

It was during this time that the duo discovered a large supply of hand-blown crystal pieces, some as old as a hundred years, that were never crafted into finished products.

From these crystal pieces Studio Job and Val Saint Lambert selected five old vessels and transformed it into a unique new series called “Containers II”.

“Containers II” includes a coffee pot, a waste basket and a saucepan, among other things, all of which sit on high, gloss-lacquered pedestals.

There are many paradoxes present in the “Containers II” series, it manages to be both functional and surreal, it’s rich and poor, as well as god and evil. It could also belong to the realm of high culture and low pop. Studio Job describes “Containers II” as “metaphors that explore authentic arts”.

“Containers II” was recently shown at Design Miami by Galerie VIVID.