Cork & Felt rugs by Hella Jongerius

The Dutch designer's collection for Danskina breaks away from traditional materials and manufacturing techniques.

Hella Jongerius draws on her extensive experience in textiles for an innovative collection of rugs made of cork and felt for manufacturer Danskina.

Jongerius was appointed design director of Danskina under the joint leadership of longtime partners Kvadrat and Maharam in 2013.

The Dutch designer's collection breaks away from the brand’s traditional use of materials: “Danskina was only really working with tufting, so I wanted to expand its techniques by looking into its archives,” she says.

The rugs are constructed out of strips of cork and felt glued together and attached to a backing. They mix the warmth and colour of felted wool with the practical properties of cork, which provides a durable, anti-slip surface.

“The carpets came out with high testing results, so they are suitable for contract use. I am very happy about that,” notes Jongerius.

In typical Jongerius fashion, the range is also an exercise in exploring the colour spectrum. The rugs contrast natural cork with strips of colour in warm reds, cool blues and neutral combinations.

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