Cookie creatures

Matali Crasset's packaging redesign for a French biscuit brand features quick and fun instructions on how to turn the packaging into whimsical creatures.

Cookies, creatues and kids often make for a fun and playful combination. And, as is often the case with children, they tend to enjoy the packaging more than contents. Now, with Matali Crasset's packaging redesign for an iconic French biscuit brand, LU, the enjoyment extends beyond the confectionary. 

In redesigning the packaging for the Le Véritable Petit Beurre biscuits, Crasset considered the white craft paper inside the box and played with ways that it could be tucked and folded into different origami shapes and objects. 

These can be assembled by children, without the use of scissors or glue, and made into whimsical animal objects. As such, the redesigned packaging features pictographic instructions on how to make the miniature monsters on the outside of the box, while additional design tips can be found on LU’s website.

The new packaging will be released during September 2013. 

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