In control

Spoek Mathambo collaborated with Pieter Hugo and Michael Cleary on his music video for his new band Mshini Wam.

Rappper, DJ, graphic designer and illustrator, Spoek Mathambo is part is part of a new wave of energy in Africa. This energy encapsulates a pride in culture and showing the world what Africa is all about.

Mthambo recently released Control from his debut album Mshini Wam. Control is a “darkwave township house cover of the Joy Division classic ‘She’s lost control’”.

Exploring township cults, street preachers and teen gangs, Mathambo collaborated with photographer Pieter Hugo and cinematographer Michael Cleary to shoot the video on location in a squatted train boarding house in Langa, outside Cape Town.

The cast of Control are kids from the neighbourhood who run their own dance company, Happy Feet.