Concrete lighting

Benjamin Hubert has extended his award-winning "Heavy Light" collection introducing a pendant light and a new colour.

Benjamin Hubert’s Heavy Light collection for Decode is the culmination of innovative manufacture, visual simplicity and the desire to challenge perception of materials.

Hubert has recently expanded the award-winning collection. A new tall pendant light has been introduced, and both the tall and round pendant lamps are now available in a light brown concrete.

Manufactured in two different greys and a light brown, each concrete shade is individually slip-cast and left to dry for a number of days. During this process, random air pockets and veining develop on the interior of the shade, making each one unique. The irregular marble-like patterns contrast with the shade’s smooth exterior. In his use of concrete, Hubert highlights the material’s potential and challenges its perception of value.

The new products were unveiled during London Design Festival 2013 as part of Decode’s exhibition at Looking Glass Cocktail Club.

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