Cloudy dreams

Marcel Wanders's Cloud Sofa carries the comforting sensation of falling into a fluffy cloud on a bright sunny day.

Have you ever wished you could fall onto the softness of a white cloud that looks like cotton candy? After a brief reality check this daydream is forgotten… until you catch a glimpse of Marcel Wanders’s latest sofa.

The Cloud Sofa transports people to a dreamland... A composition of rounded shapes and soft, fluffy white cushions blurs the boundaries between the possible reality of falling onto a cloud.

The sofa is contructed in wood and foam. The foam of the side, seat and back is covered with dacron and finish off with upholstery buttons depend on the choice of fabric and colour.

Wanders unveiled his Cloud Sofa at this year’s London Design Festival as part of Moooi’s Unexpected Welcome at Moooi London exhibition. 

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