Chinese fashion designer launches collection inspired by Buddhism

A contemporary clothing line at Chinese Fashion Week is a tribute to Tibetan Buddhism.

From the Series

Chinese fashion designer Zheng Qing'er debuted her recent Tibetan-inspired collection at the 2015 Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week. The designer, who is a devote Buddhist, drew inspiration from a personal trip to Tibet and created a line that translates the religious culture of Buddhism into contemporary fashion.

The showcase, which featured floating robes, gowns and capes influenced by Tibetan folk wear and traditional Chinese attire, was divided into the five key colours of the Tibetan prayer flag: blue, white, red, green and yellow. Qing’er fabricated each piece in the collection from natural fabrics, in accordance with Buddhist teachings on harmony with nature.

The designer hopes that the flowing garments will impart a sense of peace onto the wearer, saying, "all objects have a power within them. If you put your heart in it, people can feel it."

To complement the clothing, the runway was set up to imitate the wooden passageway of the Wat Ton Kwan temple – a sacred place where Qing’er goes to meditate. Floating lanterns like the ones released into the air at traditional Thai festivals created ambient lighting for the show.