Ceramic lights

Benjamin Hubert's Container Lamp explores new possibilities in product design.

Driven by a conscious approach to materials, Benjamin Hubert’s Container Lamp explores the possibilities in natural materials.

The lighting piece stems from the studio’s materials-driven, process-led, industrial design approach that allows Hubert to investigate the typologies and language associated with pottery.

The slip cast Container Lamp is made using two large ceramic components held together under the tension of an injection-moulded silicone band. This approach eradicates the need for glue, screws and nails, creating a lamp minimal in the materials needed for its composition.

Container looks at utilising the ceramic both to contain the electronic lighting components and produce a soft, reflected illumination from the interior glazed surface to light the desk or table beneath, says Hubert

The Container Lamp was produced in collaboration with French brand Ligne Roset and was on display during the 2013 London Design Festival