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The D.light S1, a no-risk solar lamp, is providing children with bright and reliable electricity to study at night.

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Ultra-affordable, extremely durable and easy to use, the D.light S1 aims to improve the lives of children through the use of safe and reliable electricity.

Worldwide 1.6 billion people do not have access to electricity and rely on dim, dirty and dangerous kerosene lamps for light. As a result, millions of children around the world have limited or no opportunity to study at night. The D.light S1, designed by Robin Chilton, aims to address this issue through providing a no-risk study lamp that improves and empowers children through education.

As research suggests, children with access to electricity at night study one to four hours more per evening, resulting in improved test scores and pass rates. The D.light S1 is therefore designed to provide up to four hours of light at night when charged by the sun during the day. 

Providing bright and reliable light can change the trajectory of a child’s life.

Using the world’s best product design principles, along with cutting-edge solar and LED technology to make the highest quality, rugged, reliable and affordable lantern, the D.light S1 is currently improving the lives of over 20 million people. 

It is designed to withstand hot, dusty and humid environments filled with insects and wild animals. The lamp is so durable that it can be dropped from a height of three meters or even run over by a car without any impact to its functionality.

Although the solar lamp was designed to aid children while studying, the lamp is also used by workers to increase night-time productivity. 

The D.light S1 is a finalist in the Home category of the INDEX: Award 2013

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