Bright bulb

The movie universe and Edison's classic incandescent light bulb serves as the inspiration for KiBiSi's new Bulb Fiction light.

Bulb Fiction is KiBiSi’s latest bright idea.

Taking the iconic incandescent bulb as departure point, KiBiSi’s new pendant light is a tribute to the incandescent bulb while also referencing the easily recognisable archetype of the movie universe.

Similar to the classic shape, the bulb has been scaled up and designed as a whole unit, which sees the socket and the bulb combined to form one shape. Even the cord has been adapted to unite it to the other elements. A thick white silicone cover works to give it extra volume.

Ideal for private homes, retails spaces or offices, Bulb Fiction consists of a hand-blown, acid-treated opal glass shade with aluminium suspension that creates a soft, organic shape. This particular form works to create the idea of an incandescent bulb, without revealing the energy-saving light source. The overall effect is one of soft, comfortable lighting.

Adding to the aesthetic appeal of Bulb Fiction is the fact that it looks equally attractive as a single lamp as it does when it is hung together in a cluster. Says KiBiSi: “The lamp makes it possible to play with the design by means of tying knots in the cord or by gathering several lamps together to form a modern chandelier.”

Furthermore: “Based on a common interest in movies this universe was chosen as an inspirational theme for the product and title underlining the iconic nature of the design.”

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