Bionic Lenses, the next step in eye treatment

A Canadian optometrist and inventor is on the precipice of producing a bionic lens that could revolutionise eye treatment.
The Bionic Lens is expected to replace surgery, eye-glasses, and contact lenses
The Bionic Lens is expected to replace surgery, eye-glasses, and contact lenses

The Ocumetrics Bionic Lens has the ability to restore clear vision at all distances, without glasses or contact lenses, and without the visual quality problems that have troubled other lens designs. Its founder, optometrist at the Ocumetics Technology Corporation, Garth Webb, is hopeful the lens will eliminate the need for laser eye surgery, contact lenses or eyeglasses.

The naturally occurring crystalline lens of the eye deteriorates with age, becoming cloudy and eventually forming a cataract. This causes one’s vision to deteriorate and the cataract can also release harmful toxic agents into the anterior chamber of the eye.

Webb’s lens is constructed of inert biocompatible polymeric materials that do not cause such adverse biophysical changes within the eye. It is designed to be foldable and insertable through a 2.7 millimetre incision.

According to the company, the Bionic Lens has the ability to “auto-regulate within the eye allowing it to focus at different ranges — distance, intermediate, near and very near.”

It is currently undergoing clinical testing with the ultimate goal of clinical approval.

“Ophthalmic surgeons, utilizing standard surgical techniques, augmented by the accuracy of femtosecond lasers and adjunct intraocular techniques, will then be able to implant the Bionic LensTM  to help patients achieve their visual goals,” the company said.

Webb believes the lens could be available in Canada, US, Asia and Europe within a few years if its production is approved.  

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